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Did You Know? Series  Jan 2018

Did You Know? Series  Jan 2018


Did you know that beginning with SAS 9.2, CUMIPMT, CUMPRINC, IPMT, PMT, and PPMT functions support was moved from SAS ETS to SAS BASE.  However, on SAS 9.2 or higher system where ETS is not install may run into error such as:

ERROR 68-185: The function XXYYYZZZ is unknown or cannot be accessed.

Where XXYYZZ is the name of any one of the functions described above.

To circumvent, use FINANCE function.  An example would be:

CP = Finance(‘CUMPRINC’,.01/17, 360, 150000, 12, 24, 0);

Platform RTM

Did you know that using platform cluster name (lsf-cluster in SAS grid lsf.cluster) that exceeds length of 20 characters may end up in error when you attempt to load the configuration into the Platform RTM monitoring tool?  The error you may see

ERROR: Failed to load configuration. Please check cluster settings, login password and connectivity between RTM and cluster master host. Refer to Admin Guide for more information.

Workaround: Use shorter cluster name for the lsf. cluster<cluster name> file.


OpenSSL vulnerabilities exist in the SAS® 9.4 Web Server

Did you know, SAS 9.4 Web Server uses OpenSSL 1.0.1u and earlier version (dependent on the maintenance level of your SAS 9.4 software). OpenSSL 1.0.1 has been declared End of Life by OpenSSL Org on January 2, 2017.  Please visit to get the hot fix to address these vulnerabilities.