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Our Partners

As the world’s largest independent business analytics...

As the world’s largest independent business analytics company with consistent revenue growth and profitability since it was founded more than 34 years ago, SAS provides an integrated set of software products and services to more than 45,000 customer sites in 118 countries. SAS leads the pack with its general and industry-specific business solutions, and integrated technologies for data management,  advanced analytics and reporting. Across the globe, both the public and private sector use SAS® software to assist in their efforts to compete and excel in a climate of unprecedented economic uncertainty and globalization. Through our belief that making employees a priority makes good business sense, SAS has pioneered a distinctly unique corporate culture that has allowed us to attract and hire the best and brightest. The philosophy that drives SAS is simple: Put employees and customers first and the benefits will follow, be it extraordinarily high customer satisfaction, impressive employee loyalty and retention – and ultimately – a consistent and profitable revenue stream. SAS delivers proven solutions to customers to access relevant, reliable, consistent information throughout their enterprises, giving them the ability to make the right decisions and achieve sustainable performance improvement. By enabling them to seize the opportunities and attendant benefits afforded by their data, SAS has been giving customers around the world THE POWER TO KNOW®.

In IBM's view, today's networked economy has...

In IBM's view, today's networked economy has created a global business landscape and a mandate for business change. Integrated global economies have opened markets of new opportunity and new sources of skills. The Internet has enabled communication and collaboration across the world and brought with it a new computing model premised on continuous global connection. In that landscape, companies can distribute work and technology anywhere in the world.

Given these opportunities, IBM is working with its clients to develop new business designs and technical architectures that allow their businesses the flexibility required to compete in this new landscape. The business is also adjusting its footprint toward emerging geographies, tapping their double-digit growth, providing the technology infrastructure they need, and taking advantage of the talent pools they provide to better service the company’s clients.

In 1968, seven engineers and mathematicians came together...

In 1968, seven engineers and mathematicians came together to reduce the complexities and costs related to data and computing. By perfecting a series of algorithms that streamlined mainframe sorting, used less resources, adapted to specific environmental variables and scaled to meet the demands of growing data volumes, they changed the way enterprises could think about the economics of data forever…and they created Syncsort.

Today, for thousands of organizations, and through 15,000 deployments in 70 countries, Syncsort unlocks measurable business value and transforms business-critical decision-making with the world's only Extreme Data Performance solutions – comprising powerful data protection software and the world’s fastest, most resource-efficient data integration software and services.

Headquartered in northeast New Jersey, Syncsort has international subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, with support centers across the United States and the Netherlands. An international network of partners, resellers and distributors includes Syncsort products as integral components of their IT solutions

Metacoda is a SAS Silver Alliance member, who specializes in...

Metacoda is a SAS Silver Alliance member, who specializes in the development of add-ons to help people get even more out of their SAS software investment. Their Metacoda Security Plug-ins can help SAS customers with their SAS platform security requirements and they have versions compatible with SAS 9.3, SAS 9.2 and SAS 9.1.3.

The software provides enhanced visibility of SAS metadata security implementations, in whole-of-server views, to significantly improve the productivity of administrators when it comes to SAS metadata security. The software allows them to rapidly review and troubleshoot metadata security by providing fast and thorough answers to questions. It is also beneficial in the ongoing governance and auditing requirements for an organization.

The software is designed primarily for SAS administrators and is installed and used within the SAS Management Console for seamless integration. It can be the difference between security being reviewed regularly versus not at all. It can also be the difference between being able to quickly troubleshoot an issue versus applying a quick fix to open up access because it would take too long to troubleshoot otherwise. We believe the time savings and support of good practices make the software very cost effective - especially if the alternative is to get a specialist consultant on site.

Red Hat®, the world's leading open source...

Red Hat®, the world's leading open source and Linux® provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, with satellite offices worldwide. Red Hat is leading Linux and open source solutions into the mainstream by making high-quality, low-cost technology accessible. Red Hat provides operating system platforms along with virtualization, middleware, applications, management, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions, as well as support, training, and consulting services to customers worldwide and through top-tier partnerships. Red Hat's open source strategy offers customers a long-term plan for building infrastructures that are based on and leverage open source technologies with a focus on security and ease of management.

Futrix Limited is a worldwide business intelligence...

Futrix Limited is a worldwide business intelligence software company, with headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand and US operations based in Portland, Oregon. Futrix was founded in 1997 by Ian Sutton, who has a passion for creating software which empowers users to extract meaningful information from disparate data. With extensive experience dealing with large volumes of data while consulting with many major customers around the world, Ian noticed recurring constraints and complications with traditional query and reporting software. Ian developed Futrix with the vision of providing power to business users by enabling them to navigate freely through data and analyze information with ease.

Fifteen years later, Futrix has grown and matured into a world class software provider, delivering business intelligence solutions to customers around the globe. The product has evolved into a powerful and unique solution for analyzing disparate and complex data. Today Futrix has many large customers in the Americas, Europe and Australasia. These customers are supported by a combination of local business partners and Futrix country organizations. Industries taking advantage of Futrix include Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services, Energy, Government, Education, Telecommunications, Insurance, Gaming and Hospitality.