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Consulting Services

Analytiks International, Inc matches highly-trained and motivated SAS Consultants with businesses based on our philosophy of:
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Performance
  • Growth

Our dedication to providing the most highly skilled consultants to our customers is back up by a highly rigorous consultant screening process that includes online quizzes in their specific specialty with a pass rate of 80% and technical interviews. In order to maintain and refine our consultant’s knowledge we have an in house Lab for training purposes with HP, Red Hat, Linux and Windows.

Environment Analysis

At Analytiks International, Inc we provide complete SAS architecture, implementation, and deployment analysis with the goal of aligning the business objectives of its clients with its current SAS practice.

SAS Platform Design

Analytiks International, Inc analyzes SAS deployment within a client environment. The analysis looks at current hardware and network architecture, whether current SAS deployment meets the need of its users, accessibility and takes advantage of the current hardware and network configuration. Using the analysis we develop complete sizing, hardware and deployment protocol recommendations. Analytiks International, Inc™ provides complete SAS solutions from SAS architecture, deployment, and central administration protocols, to help desk support and license administration.

Version Migration

Analytiks International, Inc helps clients move from SAS version 8.2 and up to SAS 9.4 (Latest Maintenance M3; M4 to be released soon) and hardware migration.

Platform Architecture
  • Analytiks International, Inc has its own Group-Based architecture™ methodology of deploying SAS in a multi-user shared environment where each group of users have almost zero foot print on the other groups sharing the same environment.
  • Analyzing the hardware procurement methodologies and providing alternatives; if merited, our objective at Analytiks International, Inc is to provide maximum leverage for our client from their hardware use.
  • Analytiks International, Inc provided an average of 34% gain in performance as well as extending the capacity needs for its clients by a documented average of 12 months by using the latest development in current disk storage technologies as well as leveraging the new concepts in computing resources. For example: Solaris’s® Fair Share™ / Container™ concept , HP®’s Itanium 64 bit line of product using Global Workload Manager™ , along with IBM’s® Workload Manager™ , proper hardware configuration and tuning has revolutionized hardware and software synergies.