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Who We Are

The Birth of a Company

Three years ago, two consultants got together during happy hour and among many subjects that came up that afternoon, one was the ease of becoming a “consultant” lately. They both agreed that the consulting business has morphed into more of a contracting business, without particular regard to the depth of a consultant’s expertise in a said field. Convinced that something needed to be done, they decided to form their own consulting firm. Analytiks International, Inc™ was born!

Analytiks International, Inc™ is a private consulting company offering its services in the Continental USA, Europe, and Southeast Asia. One of the driving forces behind Analytiks International, Inc™, is the quality of its consultants. We ensure that our associates are no less than proven experts in their chosen field. And since we accept nothing less than the best, we make sure our consultants are well taken care of.

werks Philosophy™

Our philosophy at Analytiks International, Inc™ is simple. And it werks!

  • Quality: We seek only the best in their field. Our experts are certified through an internal Analytiks International, Inc™ approval process, comprising of three or more different certification techniques—addressing skills, project management, and understanding of inter-personal skills. Our selection level is rigorous.
  • Matching client requirement: We never settle. We would never send our clients a consultant that we don’t think is the perfect fit.
  • Growth: We invest in our consultants’ professional growth through continual education and cross-training in technologies complimentary to their skill set. We want to make sure there is a healthy balance between their personal and professional life. A happy consultant is a productive consultant!
  • Contracts: Internal contracts with our candidates are reasonable. Our non competes actually makes sense. We were contractors too and know that a one year non-compete clause, for example, is simply unreasonable. If we could not help our candidate to get their next assignment, we also do not hold them back. We do however, try proactively to prepare next assignments.


  • All Contractors are eligible for a Contract Conclusion Bonus (CCB) at the successful conclusion of their contracts; up to 5% of their annual earnings.*
  • Contractors are eligible for a one to three (3) weeks paid time off in their first year. **
  • Analytiks International, Inc™ offers Medical and Dental insurance.**
  • Paid Bench. **

[*=some criteria applies for determining percentile ** = eligibility restrictions apply]

Analytiks International, Inc™ Specialties

  • Consultant Placement: All of our consultants at answers, Inc™ are werks-philosophy certified. We pride ourselves for presenting highly qualified consultants. Our consultants’ skill set are varied from SAS to UNIX, SAN (storage Area Network) (EMC, Hitachi) to major RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, MySql, MS-SQL Services, Sybase etc., as well as Data Mining, Data Modelers, and Statistical Analysts.
  • SAS-SAS BI and SAS Solution Implementation Services: A core of twenty (20) experts makes up Analytiks International, Inc ™. We provide Architecture, install, and deployment services for several Fortune 1000 companies. The objective is to increase business Return on Investment (ROI) via SAS licensure, Module use, performance gains, as well as hardware storage analysis and re-architecture. Some of our clients’ documented gains in performance increase have shown up to 65% reduction in process runtimes. And the re-architecture of hardware-SAS module usage has generated an average of $150,000 in savings for our clients.
  • Outsourcing: Analytiks International, Inc™ also offers outsourcing capabilities to small and medium sized companies that wish outsource:
    • SAS practice, statistical analysis, and/or SAS developers.
    • Consulting services in Unix, SAN configuration and deployment Architecture.
    • Hardware Architecture, Install, and Deployment consultation.